JUMBRELA is an agency composed of a team of professionals working together to provide all the services that existing companies, new start-ups, and investors need.

Full Service

We provide you any kind of entrepreneurial service, thanks to our team of experts in every field.


Having worked for more than 20 years in various foreign markets, we are now able to offer you a multi-language service.

Professional Worldwide Connection

We offer professional support in many countries.


We guarantee total confidentiality on any of your projects or activities.

Premium Service

Each of our clients deserves a Premium Service from us. We are also able to offer you the D.M.C. service (Destination Management Company), to manage your flights, hotels, transfers, and trips.

Unique Advisor

You will always have a unique advisor, who will accompany you in all your activities.

Our agency stands out for the attention and management it offers to each of its clients.

For us, every Client is Premium and can count on complete assistance for all his needs, so he can delegate to us any activity he deems appropriate.



Salvatore La Rocca

+34 667 19 18 19

“A man is not rich because he has money in the bank, 

he is rich because he has time to spend…”

JUMBRELA can make a man rich.


Salvatore La Rocca, born in Italy in 1976, began his professional career in the insurance field.

In 1999, he decided to move to London to study and improve his professional skills.

In 2003, he moved to Malaga Costa del Sol to learn the local language and start his career as an entrepreneur.

Since 2008, he has been offering consultancy and services to companies in various sectors, markets, and countries.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Salvatore La Rocca founded JUMBRELA Agency, based in Malaga Costa del Sol, to provide, along with its Team of Experts, consulting and business services both for established companies and for those who would like to invest in one, both in Spain and abroad.

His main skills include business strategies, marketing, corporate renovations, start-ups, feasibility studies and Mystery Clients, using collaborators and experts to provide services in different sectors and countries.

“The biggest satisfaction is the client’s satisfaction”.

I don’t believe in “know-all”, but I do believe in people who surround themselves with experienced professionals in every field, who able to work in a team to deliver the best product in every consultation and service that is offered to each of our customers.

Salvatore La Rocca



+ Time

JUMBRELA aims to relieve the stress of working every day.

You can count on a team of professionals specialized in many fields, and still have a unique advisor.

This synergy between all our professionals will allow you to save a lot of time.

+ Solutions

JUMBRELA finds and advises the most appropriate solution to your problems.

Our twenty years of experience in different sectors and markets, allow us to have a broad view of the evolution of the business today, allowing us to offer you the best strategies to make you a successful entrepreneur.

+ Convenient

JUMBRELA saves you money by carrying out in-depth analysis to verify the practicability of the business.

The success of a business is not only influenced by luck, but especially on the research conducted to verify the chances of success.

+ Possibilities

Most of the time you have a winning idea but you don’t have the economic resources to realize it. In other cases, you have the economic resources, but not a BRILLIANT idea.

Other times you have both, but you don’t have someone that can help your business take off and who can help you manage the new project.

JUMBRELA satisfies all these needs allowing you to achieve your goal.

"A problem is not a problem
if it can't be solved..."

Salvatore La Rocca

JUMBRELA can find the solution for you!




Camino de la Viñuela, n° 28
Benalmadena Pueblo - 29639 Malaga - Spain


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